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Feb. 6th, 2010

creative writing


Hi everyone

I just want to say hi an introduce myself. You can call me Kurio Tenshi, meaning black angel. I came across bewitchingways.com years back, when I was in highschool, and it really change my outlook on things, especially spiritually. But I fell out of touch with BW and come to found out that it shut down hurt me alot,. Even though that I am disappointed that all that wonderful information is gone, it gave me the idea of recreate the site. And I hope that with formor BW memebers will help me reacreate the site that we come to love and share.

Bless it be

K.Tenshi ^_^

May. 1st, 2008

strawberry shortcake and custard


Anyone out there?

Hey everyone! Where has everyone gone? Thought I'd post here since there hasn't been any new activity since August. What has everyone been up to these days? I don't really post to this journal as often as I should.  Does anyone know anything about the Bewitchingways.com and how Apythia is doing these days? The site doesn't look like it's been update and the chat  board doesn't seem to be up either. Anyone know where she's moved the site to or if there were any issues? I hope not and I hope it comes back soon.

Well everyone take care and hope to get  some activity in here again.

Willowhawk :)

Aug. 26th, 2007


(no subject)

Ok People, Lets get this board roaring with activity. We got to start talking are Apythia may think she dont need this board to. We ask for it but we not using it. LET"S Do some talking. lol

So What witchy things is everyone doing lately?
What's everyone doing for the fall equinox/mabon?

Come on people talk to me, I'm bored. Lets get a discusion going on something, ok???

Willow how's school?
Babspace what's up lately?
Everyone else what's up?


Aug. 11th, 2007



As it says, is anyone out there!!!

I'm having a bewitchingways fit here. I miss my friends. Where's everyone at?? Apythia how much longer before we're back up & running?


Jun. 21st, 2007

strawberry shortcake and custard


Bernard Horner Syndrome

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I found out bad news. I'm diagnosed with Bernard Horner Syndrome which is a nerve disorder of the eyes and face. My left eye is right now (without medicine) drooping, tearing, sore like pink eye and the left side of my face has a burning sensation with no sweat. I also have a major headache that feels to me like a migraine.  I'm looking forward to getting medicine which is slowly on it's way.

I was diagnosed by a doctor yesterday when I discovered 2 days ago that my eye and head was like this. I woke up Tuesday like this and couldn't even go into work Wednesday since I thought it was Pink eye and contagious. As well I didn't think any customers would want to see me like this. It's pretty  bad and I don't think I would have been able to even function from 3pm until 9pm without rest. 

I thought I'd write in here just to let you, my friends in the pagan community, know what's going on in my life currently. I'm actually quite saddened by this since it's not curable. It's treatable but it is also a rare disorder. I never thought in my life that I would get something so rare. I knew I was sick, there were many signs that I had and I knew something was wrong. But again I never thought it was this.

It's a funny thing how the body knows things you don't and tries to tell you. I tried getting rest and doing everything I can but I guess it was only a matter of time before it showed up in full and I was diagnosed properly.  I'm hoping to get better soon, or at least  better enough to continue on with my life so it's not interfereing.

I'm wondering too if anyone else has any further information on this or if you know someone else who has it?  Thanks for listening everyone.

BB Willowhawk

May. 8th, 2007


Witchcraft verses Shamanism

How many have found Witchcraft & Shamanism (or core Shamanism) to be very similar in nature in alot of ways? Would you class them as basicaly the same thing just different names? I found the start of core Shamanism to be a sin off kinda of witchcraft just with different terms. I'm recently studying core Shamanism & was wondering if anyone else had views on it?




I'd like to have a discusion on what or who is exactly wiccan. I know the tradition coven wicca but what about all these that are solitary wiccan & those that call thereself celtic wiccan, shamanic wiccan, fairie wiccan. One of the basics of wicca is the Goddess & God but if you say your wiccan & follow a pantheon or pantheon, my question is are you still wiccan? I see many that say there wiccan yet they dont follow the basic part of the rede that everyone knows, (do as thou will, harm none). My oldest son tells people I'm wiccan cause he met some wiccans who do alot of similar to what I do ( I tell him I'm a witch not wiccan, but right now he sees the two as the same). The difference between me & the ones he met is I take my craft serious, they create circles & then wrestle in the circle & if you touch the circle you supposedly get burned bad. My advice to him on that is they werent serious with there craft. He tried but they played to much for him, he did learn alittle about circles & elements & the sabbats but not much more then basic stuff. Anyway I'm getting off track. What I asking from each person here is what constitutes a real wiccan?


Mar. 22nd, 2007

strawberry shortcake and custard



Hello everyone!

Seems like this community is getting less attention lately so I thought I would post some thoughts on misunderstandings and such as requested by Apythia and I believe it was Jade (I'm sorry I can't seem to remember). Anyway I've been doing some thinking, and I've been veiwing and posting a bit in the forum as well. Specifically on a topic about parents not being accepting. I find that this is one common topic and it always ends up in similar advice, especially if the person posting is about 13 and their parents are saying the same things we hear about Wicca or Neo Paganism being evil and associated with the devil etc.

The thing about this one is that I have run across someone who mentioned that Tarot has been misunderstood. Which it has just as any other divinatory tool has in the past. But something that caught my attention is how this person went about talking about it. The beginning of it was that they didn't feel they should advertise that they do readings because people assume you should read the cards and dress like the fortune tellers on tv or that we hear and read about in stories and see in other forms of art such as old paintings. The thing is that like a lot of things in Neo Paganism it's something people fear because they don't know all the facts, even some who have tried to read don't always know and for those that are teens coming into this path, it can end up being a phase, a part of their life where they are going searching for the right path.

Anyway this is up for discussion, here are some other ones that I have thought of and put into a list. So feel free to add to it and discuss. (Note: the reason for saying Neo Paganism is that I am not Wiccan and that many people have corrected me in saying Paganism, it's one thing that many people ask, what is the definition of Paganism, which from my understanding is the term for "country dwellers" in history, before and just as Christianity was being brought into full force, who believed in the old religions of that time. (correct me if I'm wrong here.))

Things that the many people have asked me or that I've encountered/been told are:

1. Do you believe in the devil ?
2. Do you make human sacrifices?
3. You are against God!
4. Do you do all rituals in the nude ?
5. Can you fly?
6. Can you shape shift ?
7. Can I shoot fireballs from hands or eyes
8. The term pagan is just Wicca
9. Wicca is related to sex, drugs, violence
10. Witches have “powers” ex: to fly, throw fireballs, heal randomly , cast evil curses, etc.
11. All Wiccans/ Pagans are “goth” , wear black and dark make up and all wear pentacles.
12. Tarot is a connection to the dead or to evil spirits
13. Wicca is a cult!
14. Pagan beliefs are for those that are rebelling
15. It’s only a phase! (kind of goes with 14)
16. All witches are Satanists

Also too for a lot of teens that assume some of these things concerning what witches can do, they seem to ask for a lot of spells concerning curses, speaking with the dead and how to change themselves to make them selves more appealing or to be able to control an element such as fire like on Charmed (just an example).

To me speaking with the dead is a no no (don't know about what others think on the topic) and curses are a definate no no. I know that we've had to deal with a few of these people on the forum and had to tell them to be careful if they so chose to do one.. it is up to the person, we of course can't TELL them what to do, we can only guide.

Ok well I guess that's it for now.. all this is up for discussion. :) Hope to hear from any of you soon.
BB Willowhawk

PS. sorry for such a long entry lol.

Feb. 18th, 2007






Jan. 28th, 2007

Draw Down the Moon


In Preparation for Imbolc

What make you hum with energy?
What gives nourishment to your soul?
What do you long for in your heart?
What will it take to make you whole?

As the sabbat of Imbolc approaches, we are drawn to answer these questions we have pondered in the dark nights. We glimpse the answers, and are ready to take action.

Spring is stirring in the belly of the earth, tickled by the gently lengthening daylight.

On Imbolc, when we bless the earth with fresh milk, we will be nourishing the fragile hope that is springtime. When we light the sacred fire, we will be giving passion to our dreams.

It starts very quietly
It starts with a spark
It starts in the center
It starts in the heart.

Fire of creation
Fire of purification
FIre of transformation
Fire of Illumination.
--Fire of Creation by Abigail Spinner

What is beginning in your life?

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